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Snake Aversion Training

The Penns Woods Pointing Dog Trainers Club is offering snake aversion training.

LOCATION: Wood Crest Point Preserve in Homer City, PA
TIME/DATE: Starting at 8:00pm on Saturday, April 27
COST: $80 per dog or $70 per dog if you bring 2 or more.

Reserve your spot before they sell out!!! There are 40 spots available, first come first served.

TRAINER: Grayson Guyer, Lost Highway Kennels, Winston Salem, NC

Grayson will handle all dogs through the training and delivery of well-timed aversive stimulation with a remote training collar. This kind of training is often referred to as a singular learning event. It is not fun for the dog or handler, but it DOES save dog’s lives. Training will occur on a caged copperhead and western diamondback and be tested on an exposed ball python.

Wood Crest Point Preserve

Grayson Guyer, Lost Highway Kennels

Snake Aversion Training Registration


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